[PDF]The Spitfire (Wicked Wallflowers, #5)

The Spitfire (Wicked Wallflowers, #5)

Her dream is to open a music hall. Only one thing stands in her way—the man she loves. The final Wicked Wallflowers novel from USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell.Leaving behind her li... more

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The Spitfire (Wicked Wallflowers, #5) Details

TitleThe Spitfire (Wicked Wallflowers, #5)
ReleaseSep 17th, 2019
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Regency, Adult, Historical Fiction, Regency Romance

The Spitfire (Wicked Wallflowers, #5) Reviews

  • Maureen Carden
    Aug 28, 2019
    Hooray! Brava, Congratulations! In The Spitfire I have finally read a book where the woman has the past as a courtesan/madam while the hero is NOT a man-ho. I repeat, not a man-ho. Let’s see what else, well he is the requisite close to ten years older than the heroine, but this time he’s actually in his forties and she is in her thirties. She is determined to make her own way out from underneath her past, no man need apply. He is determined to make life better and safer for the lower classes... more
  • Tanya Sridhar
    Jun 21, 2019
    4/5 Stars. Edit - Post re-read, the things I loved before I still do, and the things that annoyed me before continue as well. So many thing about this book make me love it, make me glad that CC is pushing the envelope and writing beyond her comfort zone.Of course, there are issues as there would be in any book but things that set this book apart for me were: 1. Henry, our hero is in his forties, and not a man-ho. I repeat NOT a man-ho. What a welcome change from the usual string of STD infested... more
  • Elodie
    Aug 10, 2019
    “Lord Proper comes undone,”Can two persons from both sides of the fences find a love together when forces are at stake to trash them.First I would say I preordered this book because of the cover, the gaze of the model was scorchingly calling, one to not cower.After I had my doubts about the heroine, I might be prudish but in too many books prostitutes are painted as being beyond redemption, with their jaded soul so shattered it is impossible to mend the pieces back together, or they turned ... more
  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    Aug 6, 2019
    Title: The SpitfireSeries: Wicked Wallflowers #5Author: Christi CaldwellRelease date: September 17, 2019Cliffhanger: NoGenre: historical romanceIt's a little bittersweet to see this series come to an end. I only started reading Ms. Caldwell less than a year ago and I've already binged all of the Sinful Brides and read every one of the Wicked Wallflowers. I was hoping that Stephen, the youngest of the Killorans, would be getting a book, but maybe we'll be gifted with that later in the Lost Lords... more
  • Kimberly Rocha~ Book Obsessed Chicks
    Sep 17, 2019
    As many who know me well, especially those in my book club and author friends, I normally do not read romances where the heroine is a courtesan. It’s my personal preference, I’m just not into them. Once in a long while, comes a story that really moves me. The Spitfire by Christi Caldwell is one of those tales that has me all happy inside.Those of us who have read Christi Caldwell’s Wicked Wallflowers Series have met Clara Winters before. The former courtesan/madam is Reggie’s best friend... more
  • Sarah
    Sep 18, 2019
    I loved this book so much!!! I loved that the heroine was a former prostitute. I loved that the hero was a stuffy earl. I loved that they were both older and my very favorite part was that the hero was a VIRGIN!!!! The only thing missing was an epilogue.
  • Lady Heather
    Aug 13, 2019
    "5 - Loving someone isn't about controlling them, but supporting them - Stars!"Wonderful story!I love Christi Caldwell's imperfect, strong, smart, independent heroines.Clara was an amazing character!I also love how she tortures her protagonist, giving the reader "just the right amount" of angst before they finally get their Happily-Ever-After.
  • romancejunkie
    Sep 7, 2019
    Clara Winters is finally coming close to getting her dream of having a music hall done, when one day she stumbles across an injured man and decides to help him recover. As the days pass she discovers he is an important man; Henry March, The Earl of Waterson. She then decides to wait until he is better and let him go. Months later she receives an order that she is to close her new establishment and that Henry is behind it, she gets furious and goes to confront him, and them truly begins their ... more
  • Cheryl
    Sep 3, 2019
    I love a story that features a strong woman and Clara Winters was certainly strong and determined to make her way without the help of any man. Clara hadn’t had an easy life and a man had made life even more difficult for her. When she helps Henry March, Earl of Waterson, little did they realise what affect it would have on both their lives. Henry hadn’t met a woman quite like Clara and she rarely leaves his thoughts. Henry had always been known as stodgy, he does take his familiar I love a... more
  • Lubnaa (Romance Library)
    Sep 15, 2019
    I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. The Spitfire is the fifth and final installment in Christi Caldwell’s Wicked Wallflowers series and it is an absolutely delicious treat! And guess what? It can totally be read as a standalone! I know this comes as a surprise because most of Caldwell’s books are so intricately connected with one another that they usually can’t be read as standalone. But this one can definitely be read as a standalone! And you’re lucky beca... more
  • Barbara Rogers
    Sep 2, 2019
    Series: Wicked Wallflowers #5Publication Date: 9/17/19Number of Pages: 327This was a thoroughly enjoyable read with an improbable, slow-burn romance and a villain of whom you are happy to see the end. It was also nice to visit with Reggie Killoran again. I never really loved Henry, but I was so very happy that he wasn’t a man ‘ho. I thoroughly appreciated Clara as a heroine because she had overcome so much in her life, yet she wasn’t hard and cold – even though she tried to be. I also lo... more
  • Jayslin
    Aug 10, 2019
    4.5 starsAbsolutely loved the book. I have been a fan of the author’s books for a few years now and never thought strait-laced Henry would be paired with Spitfire Clara. Though they seemed like oil and water, Christi was able to bring them together in such a way that they seemed more like jigsaw pieces falling in place. The love story was sweet and sensual but what I liked the most was their unlikely friendship. The only thing missing for me was an epilogue. But all in all, a definite read for... more
  • Rose
    Sep 16, 2019
    The Spitfire is the fifth and final book in author Christi Caldwell’s “Wicked Wallflowers” series. I do believe this story could easily work as a standalone, but Ms. Caldwell’s books are a joy to read and I highly recommend you read the entire series! :-)Henry March the Earl of Waterson is known to be rather stodgy and always proper. At nearly forty-two years old he lives a well-ordered existence until he almost dies on the streets of St. Giles. Waking up in an unknown apartment he reali... more
  • Niki
    Sep 5, 2019
    Clara Winters is finally able to move beyond her life as a courtesan and madam and back to her love of theatre. She and her only friend in the world, Regina Killoran, are opening a respectable, vice free music hall. But when Clara rescues an injured man from the streets of St. Giles and brings him home, she quickly discovers him to be Henry March, the Earl of Waterson, and realizes no good can come of her nursing a powerful nobleman.Henry is dazzled by his angelic savior and the challenges she ... more
  • eyes.2c
    Sep 15, 2019
    A victim's journey!A well tuned story about a young woman's strength and ability to reverse her role from that of victim to entrepreneur.Having rebuffed the advances of a wealthy patron Clara Winters, daughter of a famous London actress, had subsequently been refused employment as an actress or singer. Clara's only way forward was to become a courtesan then a Madame. Now she's part owner of a proposed music hall where maltreated women could regain there self respect. Her partner is Regina A vi... more
  • Lori D
    Sep 17, 2019
    Two imperfect people meet in an unexpected circumstance and find out there are possibilites in life not know before. Christi Caldwell, with her masterful writing, takes us on a journey into the attraction of two people from different classes, who learn a lot about the other and how wrong some of their assumptions had been.Growing up with few choices, Clara had been forced to survice the best way she knew how. But now she wants more and still had her dreams. Fate seems to step in when she finds a... more
  • Traci
    Sep 20, 2019
    This was another great book in the Wicked Wallflowers series. I have to admit it was not my favorite book in the series but it was still a good book and I enjoyed reading it. Clara Winters a former courtesan/madam was introduced in a previous book of the series. It was nice to see she gave up the life of being a courtesan and got her HEA. She and her friend Reggie (also in a previous book) have worked hard to open the Muses, a music hall. It has been a dream of hers to help provide women with a ... more
  • Whitney
    Sep 24, 2019
    4 starsWell, I went in to this one blind. I've read other Caldwell books and I've liked them. This one was good. I wasn't too lost and I understood what was going on even though this is the 5th in the series. Clara and Henry's interactions were constant and they had good chemistry and dialogue.The overall story line was pretty entertaining. But, *spoiler-ish* that ending! We were really on a roll with a LOT thrown at you all at once and then BAM, turn the page, and that was it. That was the 4 ... more
  • Saynab
    Sep 18, 2019
    This is by far my favorite in the series!
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Sep 16, 2019
    The Spitfire by Christi Caldwell is book 5 in the Wicked Wallflowers Series. This is the story of Clara Winters and Henry March, Earl of Waterson. I have read (and Loved) the previous books but feel you could make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. Clara has had to pull herself up from nothing to become a Madam and a Courtesan but now in her current time she plans to have a Music Hall in St. Giles to help others like her move forward with their lives without have just the option to T... more
  • Diane K. Peterson
    Sep 2, 2019
    Another very good book by Christi Caldwell. Clara Winters is a woman struggling to overcome her past and build a good life for her and other similar men and women. A former courtesan and madam, she is determined to build a music hall in the worst area of London. One night she rescues an injured man and her life is irrevocably changed. Henry March, Earl of Waterson, is hard-working Member of Parliament, determined to create a national police force. Little did they both know, their goals would be ... more
  • Vikki Vaught
    Aug 30, 2019
    The Spitfire by Christi Caldwell is book 5 of the Wicked Wildflowers series. I’ve read the other novels and enjoyed them, so when I received an invitation from the publisher, via Net-Galley, to read and review, I quickly accepted. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.Wow, just wow! My attention was grabbed from the first page, and I remained enthralled until the end. Ms. Caldwell brings us a very unique heroine in Clara Winters. Then add a beta male hero, and you end up wit... more
  • Amy ~ Love At 1st Read
    Aug 30, 2019
    I read recently that “romance novels provide a unique reminder that we share a common humanity”. This entire Wicked Wallflower series has been a testament to that. As a reader, I have become so deeply immersed in these characters. Some of them I didn’t always agree with or approve of their choices. But Christi Caldwell has written each character so exquisitely that I can’t help but identify with them, feel everything they’re feeling, and delight when they find the love and happiness th... more
  • Sharon
    Sep 10, 2019
    CW: mild content related to PTSD for side characterAh Clara and Henry! I love this couple and could not put this one down.Clara is a former courtesan, determined to build her own business and employ people who society has thrown away. Against her better judgement, she saves a man from attack and then learns he's an Earl. Henry is not the judgmental noble she anticipates but she still holds him at arms length. Clara is not what Henry expects either, but he knows he needs to get back to his family... more
  • Cathy Geha
    Sep 13, 2019
    The Spitfire by Christi CaldwellWicked Wallflowers #5Grabbed me...yes it did...right from the first page I was hooked and could not put this book down!Henry March, Earl of Waterson has a very bad disastrous evening and barely escapes with his life...and he would not have escaped if Clara Winters had not happened along. Getting him home to her place and beginning to patch him was something Clara did not believe was the smartest thing to do but she did it anyway. Then...he disappeared back to his ... more
  • Rozzie
    Sep 19, 2019
    Henry March, the Earl of Waterson, was trying to put order into things at St. Giles was attacked by three men. Henry knew as he was fighting to stay awake that he probably would not live to see everything he had worked so hard for by bringing order and justice to St. Giles; of course Henry didn’t know that someone had seen him beaten and was trying to ignore everything that was going on. Miss. Clara Winters, had seen Henry attacked was just trying to go on her merry way but through the goodnes... more
  • Janet
    Sep 10, 2019
    4.5 StarsClara Winters was an actress until an unscrupulous slaver wanted her & when she refused he made sure all theatre doors were closed to her so she became a courtesan & then a madam. Now she’s into her thirties & is moving far from the sinful life to a more reputable and fulfilling endeavour a music hall for the masses. One night, when she sees a man injured on the streets of East London, she rushes to his aid and brings him home. It’s then that she discovers he’s Henry March, 4.5 ... more
  • Laura
    Sep 11, 2019
    Christi Caldwell is one of my favor authors. I honestly don't know how she does it but, each and every book is fabulous, each new one is better than the last! In my 30+ years of reading romance I can't think of one, other than Ms. Caldwell, who hasn't had at least one dud book....and I don't think, at the rate she's going, that I'm ever going to read a dud from her.The Spitfire, latest in the Wicked Wallflower series, blew me away from the very beginning. The depth of the story and the feeling ... more
  • Susan
    Aug 12, 2019
    Christi Caldwell’s talent stuns me every time! Her characters are among the best, and the storylines always unique and amazing! And once again her newest work has exceeded all expectations! As a young girl, Clara Winters dreamed of being an actress, a singer. But that was not to be due to an evil and powerful man who wished to own her, and when rejected attempted to ruin her. For a decade it seemed her future would always be dependent upon the men in her world. But now older and wiser, and in ... more
  • Lindsay S
    Sep 8, 2019
    Carla Winters is a reformed madam trying to make an honest living for herself and other women with limited options. Along with her one friend, she has created the music hall, The Muses. Sadly, if Carla has any luck in life, it seems to be bad! While, walking home from he Muses a few weeks before opening, she comes across a lord being beaten and near death. Ever the softie, she pulls out her pistoling to rescue the hapless lord. Now, on top of readying her music hall to open its doors, it appears... more