[PDF]The Ride of a Lifetime

The Ride of a Lifetime

A grand vision defined: The CEO of Disney, one of Time's most influential people of 2019, shares the ideas and values he embraced to reinvent one of the most beloved companies in the world and inspire... more

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The Ride of a Lifetime Details

TitleThe Ride of a Lifetime
ReleaseSep 23rd, 2019
PublisherRandom House
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Biography, Autobiography, Memoir

The Ride of a Lifetime Reviews

  • John Katsanakis
    Sep 28, 2019
    I really enjoyed how candid Iger chose to be here. Not a lot of sugarcoating at all. The narratives of the Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm acquisitions were all fascinating.
  • Ursula Johnson
    Sep 29, 2019
    A Positive, Life Affirming, Uplifting ReadThis was a wonderful book about Robert Iger's amazing life, career and positive outlook. With so many CEOs who aren't always good people, good for their business or don't care for their employees, it is a breath of fresh air to hear from someone who is grounded in reality, treats people the way they should be treated, forward thinking and committed to quality and his customers. His insights to years at ABC are fascinating, horrifying, and give an insight... more
  • Dale Wyant
    Sep 30, 2019
    Iger is blatantly honest and sincere in this memoir. I read "Disney Wars," by James Stewart and was happy to get the next phase of the Disney story. Iger's list of how to succeed as a leader is a must read for any and all heads of companies or organizations.
  • Noah
    Oct 3, 2019
    Mooi om tussen alle lege Amerikaanse managementboeken vol voor de hand liggende tips een goed geschreven boek als The Ride of a Lifetime tegen te komen. Een aanrader, al was het maar om achter de schermen mee te maken hoe de overnames van o.a. Star Wars en Marvel in elkaar staken.
  • Einaras
    Oct 7, 2019
    One of the best business books I’ve read. Real page turner. Arguably the best leadership book in recent years.
  • Li Li
    Oct 6, 2019
    A powerful book well written - succinct but not dry at all. Bob presented some most important leadership lessons in the must humble way. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to live a life with no disappoints and regrets.Sometimes, even though you’re “in charge”, you need to be aware that in the moment you might have nothing to add, and so you don’t wade in. You trust your people to do their jobs and focus your energies on some other pressing issue. Do what you need to do to make it bett... more
  • Mediaman
    Oct 3, 2019
    Fairly unique "leadership book" written while a CEO is in office where Disney chief Iger discusses a bit of his younger years, has a strong middle section where he throws many industry leaders under the bus, then wastes the last third of the book with vague details about acquiring other major companies. Overall very worth reading, but once he acquires Pixar the rest of it is pretty dull, including his claim to have thought about running for president in 2020 (as a Democrat). The title is also a ... more
  • Robert
    Oct 2, 2019
    It doesn't break new ground in the "business autobiography" genre, but there are a few things that make it better than average:(1) Iger and his editors did a pretty good job of editing. There aren't many slow sections or self indulgent unnecessary details. (2) Iger comes across as having some self-awareness and humility and doesn't relentlessly toot his own horn. (3) There are lots of funny and interesting stories about companies and personalities people care about such as Steve Jobs, George Luc... more
  • Suzanne Reyes
    Oct 7, 2019
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Bob’s writing is authentic and inspirational. I was delightfully surprised how open and honest he was about his career journey, his business relationships, and the difficult times as Disney’s top leader. As he wrote about his career, I found myself relating to experiences and leaders that I’ve had in my own career. And how I can make myself a better leader. I think any leader big or small could learn something from Bob’s leadership style.As an avid Disney ... more
  • Amanda
    Oct 2, 2019
    Anyone who is in a leadership position, or wants to be, should at least read Iger’s life lessons in the front and back of the book. And anyone with even a mild interest in the Disney Company, animation, Apple and Steve Jobs, Lucasfilm and George Lucas, or Marvel Entertainment should read the rest of the book to hear the incredible and uplifting story of how it all came together. Even if you’re not interested in Disney though, I think that anyone can find something they enjoy between the stor... more
  • Judy
    Oct 6, 2019
    Thanks to Penguin Random House for sending me this goodreads giveaway. Robert Iger comes across as an honest, hard working, even likable man. He states this book is not a memoir instead lessons he's learned. However given this story every chance, I was not able to finish and give an honest rating. There were too many sentences beginning with "I" and it became a challenge to count how many appeared in each paragraph defeating the purpose of reading. Sorry.
  • Dennis Keithly
    Sep 27, 2019
    As a big fan of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, this book naturally called to me. Robert Iger writes a book that is part memoir, but really, it is a view from the top on how Disney acquired all of those companies plus Fox to become the entertainment giant that it is today. Along the way, Iger has plenty to offer about running the company, but it is really a book on being on CEO, looking to the future, and how to be a leader, and less a book about Disney World. In fact, there is really very... more
  • Dave Yufeng
    Oct 7, 2019
    There is a few topics I would like to see discussed but arentI would actually like to know why James Gunn was rehired. Shouldn't it be an "easy choice" for him to let go of someone who had crossed the line. And he didn't address the comment made by one of Walt's relatives who came out to say that employees at Disney Land are underpaid.
  • Anand Gurunathan
    Oct 5, 2019
    It's an incredibly well-written book. It's part board-room drama, part his ascension to the CEO role, part Disney's vision on how to dominate the media industry. Overall, it comes across as honest and humble.Bob drops hints about his desire to run for presidency at some point in the future. If this book is about planting the seed in reader's mind, I'd say he's done a fantastic job.
  • Sergio Diaz
    Oct 6, 2019
    Practically I read this book in a couple days, the back stage of the company that many admired, more that just a history of success, is and history of a human been with all the feelings to involve working in a environment with a lot of different personalities from Steve Jobs to Roy Disney, and how to mange those different personalities and egos, I love this book and I admire more the work of Bob
  • Laurence Jon
    Oct 3, 2019
    Apart from being a story of his life when he started working, we see the human side, the ups and downs and the lessons Bob Iger went through, where the cherry on top is a vision he made when he became Disney's CEO.A great story and book on leadership. Hands down - 5 Stars for me.
  • Nicholas Pham
    Oct 5, 2019
    Wonderful ReadA candid look into the mind of one of the most influential businessmen of our age. An honest read with a wealth of advice and information for those seeking leadership advice.
  • Duane
    Oct 6, 2019
    An amazing story from Bob. It’s inspirational, exciting, and encouraging. I appreciate his methodologies and principles laid out through his storytelling.This is my personal favorite book of 2019. Read this book!
  • Matias Singers
    Sep 29, 2019
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Bob Iger, and all the anecdotes surrounding the acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox we’re incredibly candid. The book covers everything from leadership lessons, to board room struggles and personal conversations with Steve Jobs.
  • Randy A. Garfield
    Oct 3, 2019
    Lessons In LeadershipA great book from an inspiring leader who encouraged open and honest feedback, never shooting the messenger and who maintained the relationships he cultivated on his path to the top role.
  • Thomas
    Sep 27, 2019
    Easy reading and good advices.
  • Donna
    Oct 1, 2019
    Great book for business readers and leaders! Iger’s stories about celebrities, blockbuster movies, and even the occasional flop are engaging examples for his leadership lessons.
  • Noah
    Oct 7, 2019
    I was really hoping for more insights into how Disney was run and his leadership style. Was a light version of both. Some cool stories about buying Pixar but would have preferred way more details.
  • Namuel
    Oct 5, 2019
    title is it. summary of disney buying pixar, marvel, lucas films, and fox with some personal bob iger mixed in
  • Ngee Ping Tio
    Oct 7, 2019
    I gave this 5 stars because Steve Jobs loved him.
  • Martina Di Gianfelice
    Sep 29, 2019
    Lessons from a legend! A wonderful book on leadership principles, humanity, passion and all it takes to be a great leader. Enriching and a must read.